Discover How Video Marketing Can Ignite Your Business

Understand why video marketing is such a powerful customer acquisition tool and how to fully leverage it.

Video Marketing Is Dominating!

Technology gains have helped make it more accessible than ever before.

Here's a fact: If you aren't producing video content in 2020, you're likely falling behind your competitors.

We've past the point where video is just another piece of the marketing plan. It should now be central to what any business does from a campaign and outreach perspective.

Why? It works.

And because of that, it's more important than ever that companies have a comprehensive video marketing strategy for every platform and channel - and particularly social channels.

To that point, a recent HubSpot survey indicated that four of the top six channels that consumers watch video on are social channels. The other two are Netflix and Prime.

And don't look for things to slow down either. Nicola Mendolsohn, a Vice President at Facebook, recently predicted that all of their content would likely be video by 2021.

That's a staggering amount of video compared to just a few years ago, but also a clear indication of how people are consuming content. And because consumers prefer video, the successful marketers moving forward will give it to them in smart, engaging ways.

That's where Ignite Media Works can help. We've created virtually every type of video marketing content known, and may have even invented a few new ones! We understand how to it and how it fits best across your various channels.

Lastly, the video you produce and distribute doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming to be impactful. Technology has had an incredibly positive impact on the efficiency of video marketing.

If you'd like to set up a 15-minute exploratory call, just click the button below. We'll discuss your needs and determine if Ignite Media Works can help.

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Video Marketing Facts

Fact 1

87% of businesses now use video as a tool, up from 63% in 2017.

Fact 2

90% of adults say video helps them make buying decisions.

Fact 3

Using video in in an email subject line increases open rates 19%.

Fact 4

People are twice as likely to share video content than other forms.

Fact 5

44% of people watch five or more videos online every single day.

Fact 6

70% of people visit the publisher's website after watching a video.

Fact 7

There has been a 52% increase in online video use since 2018.

Fact 8

64% of consumers buy a product after watching a video about it.

Sources: Wyzowl, Cisco, Eyeview Digital, Hubspot, Slidely.

It's About Increasing Customer Conversions

of businesses

Reported getting a new customer on social media thanks to their video content.

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Benefits of Video Marketing

Video has been shown to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions for a business. But that's just for starters. Check out these additional benefits.

Drives revenue growth.

Because video is such an engaging medium, and the preferred content format of consumers, it is uniquely positioned to help a business drive new revenue.

Influences buying decisions.

A significant percentage of consumers (64%) now watch a video about a product and/or service before making a decision to purchase. 

Improves Search ranking.

Because video can positively impact your company's search results, it gives you more opportunities to generate new business.

Increases website traffic.

Use video to drive more traffic to your website or landing page, giving you more opportunities to convert targeted prospects.

Generates more backlinks.

Want more backlinks? Just give your website visitors the option to embed your videos on their own websites and include a source link attached to it. Instant backlink.

Increases percentage of email opens and clicks.

Research has shown that including the word video in your subject line leads to more email opens, and that including a relevant video link in the body of the email leads to more clicks. 

Grows social media shares.

One way to get more shares on your social media channels is to distribute video content that is relevant to your target audience.

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Video Marketing Has Gone Mainstream

of people

Say that they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video.

The percentage of businesses that use video marketing as a tool continues to grow.







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